Bo at Factoría Cultural Madrid


Bringing an idea to life. Making an idea sustainable. Turning it into reality. In April 2014, Factoría Cultural de Madrid, the first hub of creative and cultural associations in Spain, put its trust in us. They awarded us their Arts Grant, which from then on has allowed us to form part of the unique entrepreneurial environment in the very centre … Read More

Architecture. Languages.


Architecture. Gone are the days of excess and self-obsession, and many of the mistakes that were made in the past have now been understood. These days, for example, the whims of an irrational mayor and an architect with an over-inflated ego could never seem like an acceptable idea to the majority of people. However, having inherited the genuine Spanish desire … Read More

The challenge of Humanities in a knowledge-based society


Certain subjects, which may not always seem urgent, are actually crucial to society and lie beneath many of its problems. The issue of Humanities in today’s Spain is one of them. It has been a privilege for Bo to collaborate with the Canal Foundation in organising the talk The challenge of Humanities in a knowledge-based society, on the 14th of … Read More

Is there any point studying the Humanities?


Here we find ourselves with a very good question. Mainly due to the fact that, when asked, so many people are quick to answer point-blank that there is not, with a certain indignation at how unbelievably bold, even impertinent, the curious inquirer appears. How, they ask, can one even suggest that reading what Aristotle or Cervantes left us could help … Read More

The Problem with Authenticity


We’re in Casablanca and have already visited the stunning mosque, the only ‘highlight’. We spend the afternoon wandering some markets and inadvertently find ourselves in narrow backstreets, watching kids play soccer. My friend and I are a little uncomfortable as the alleyways serve as front yards and so we feel we are intruding, especially with the parents watching us gravely. … Read More

The Eighth Art?


Take a mind-hooking literary plot and fill it with lines of memorable dialogue. Boil it together with the most evoking graphic design, lively and colourful or dark and edgy. Spice it up with some musical pieces capable of awaking the deepest emotions in the listener. Ta-da! What’s the result? Well… just some cheap entertainment for children and nerdy people.   … Read More

Playing Death and Politics


On April 17 2005, nine Australians were arrested in Denpasar (Indonesia) for planning to smuggle 8.3kg of heroin from Bali to Australia. They became known as the Bali 9, and seven received long jail sentences under Indonesia’s harsh anti-drug laws. The two ringleaders, Andrew Chan and Myuran Sukumaran, were sentenced to death. They have exhausted all appeal options, and are … Read More

Understanding homophobia

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It is wrong to scorn homophobia. It is wrong to consign it straight to the Pandora’s box of the world’s great evils. Having read these first couple of lines, I imagine the reader may be somewhat disgruntled. To him or her, I can only ask that you be patient and sincerely make an effort to listen quietly before voicing an … Read More

Bo Team

Rocío Calzado (Madrid 1994) Universidad Politécnica de Madrid   Angharad Chandler-Davies (Cardiff 1993) University of Cambridge   Isabel Ciudad (Calzada de Calatrava 1995) Universidad Pontificia de Comillas   Violeta Lanza (Madrid 1994) University College London   Luis Miranda (Madrid 1993) Universidad Autónoma de Madrid   Rebecca Schofield (London 1994) University of Cambridge   Johnny Skilling (Lewes 1995) University College London … Read More

“A Right to Be Bigots”?

A Right to be Bigots?

Following the January attacks on the Charlie Hebdo office in Paris, the whole world is engaged in a debate on religious respect and free speech. Whatever you may think of the magazine, nobody can justify terrorism or violence in response to offensive comments, which is why the “Je suis Charlie” message has resonated so strongly. Remembering that comedy and satire … Read More